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Aluminium 4032 Rods Manufacturer, View 4032-t6 Hex Bar at best price.

Apart from its very high ductility, the best feature of aluminum alloys is their resistance to corrosion. The use of 4032 Aluminum Round Bar is restricted to being used between a temperature range of 200°C and 250°C. This is because, at this temperature range, the material tends to become sensitive. This is an issue since the strength of the material becomes less at elevated temperature levels. However, the 4032 Aluminum Round Bar Supplier recommends using at subzero temperatures. Since the material shows enhanced properties at extremely low temperatures, the 4032 Aluminum Bright Bar is an ideal alloy for use in cryogenic applications as well.

4032 Aluminum Round Bar
4032 Aluminum Round Bar
UNS A94032 Hex Bar
UNS A94032 Hex Bar
4032 Aluminum Square Bar
4032 Aluminum Square Bar

We Have Huge Selection Of 4032-t651 Aluminum Square Bar, Check Uns A94032 Flat Bars Size Chart

By the inclusion of silicon in its alloy, the strength of the material sees an increase, although the ductility of the Aluminum 4032 Rod sees a decline in its ductility. Amongst the 4000 aluminum alloy series, the highest tensile strength is rated to be for grade UNS A94032 Square Bar. The ultimate tensile strength of the material is about 370 MPa. it is not possible to cold work the ams 4318 Flat Bar.

4032 Aluminum Round Bar Specification Chart

Property heat resistant, Anti-corrosion
Surface Finish no stains, Mill finish, without rough selvedge
Temper Class HO,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,F,H112, T651,T3,T451,T4,T6,ect
Processings Hot &Cold rolled
Thickness in MM 0.2-300mm
Width in MM 900-3000mm
Length Chart Maximum 11000mm
Standards AMS-QQA-250/12, GBT3880-2012, BS1470, AMS-4027, ASTMB209, JIS H4000 and EN485
Packaging craft paper, Export wooden pallents, anti-blushing agent.
Applications Boat, Building, Tanker, Truck, Machine
Quality of materials roll marks, Totally free frim defects like white rust, efge damage, denrs, camber, holes, scratches, break line and free from coil set.

Types of Aluminium 4032 Rods

Aluminum Rod Bar 4032
Aluminum Rod Bar 4032
4032 Aluminum Flat Bar / Rod
4032 Aluminum Flat Bar / Rod
85mm Diameter 4032 Aluminum Bar
85mm Diameter 4032 Aluminum Bar
Od3mm~500mm Aluminum 4032 Round Bar
Od3mm~500mm Aluminum 4032 Round Bar
Aluminium Alloy 4032 Round Bars
Aluminium Alloy 4032 Round Bars
4032 Aluminum Bar
4032 Aluminum Bar
4032-t6, T651 Aluminum Round Bar
4032-t6, T651 Aluminum Round Bar
Astm Aluminum Bar 4032 Aluminum Alloy Rod
Astm Aluminum Bar 4032 Aluminum Alloy Rod

4032-t6 Hex Bar Condition

H&T Hardened and tempered.
ANN Annealed
PH Precipitation hardened.

Surface Finish of 4032-t651 Aluminum Square Bar

CD Cold drawn P Polished
BD Bright drawn SRE Slit rolled edge
CG Centreless ground HF Hot finished
CF Cold finished HRAP Hot rolled annealed and pickled
P&T Peeled and turned RT Rough turned/peeled
ST Smooth turned PR Peeled and reeled

PED approved Astm B247 Aluminium 4032-t6 Bright Bar. 4032 Aluminum Round Bars, 4032-t6 Aluminium Forged Bars Weight Chart

Ams 4318 Hot Rolled Round Bars Sizes

Type SIZES (mm) SIZES (Inches) ISO Tolerance
Cold Drawn and Polish 3.00 - 75.00 1/8 - 3.00 h8-h9-h10-h11
Cold Drawn and Ground 10.00 - 75.00 5/6 - 2.50 h8-h9-h10-h11
Peeled and Polished 40.00 - 150.00 1.50 - 6.00 h11, h11-DIN 1013
Peeled and Ground 20.00 - 50.00 3/4 - 2.00 h9-h10-h11

4032 Aluminum Bar Standard lengths of 2000 mm up to 6000 mm. Cut to size on request (tolerance +2/-0 mm).

5.0 45.0
6.0 50.0
7.0 55.0
8.0 60.0
9.0 65.0
10.0 70.0
12.0 75.0
16.0 80.0
20.0 90.0
25.0 100.0
30.0 130.0
35.0 160.0
40.0 200.0

Ams 4318 Hot Rolled Round Bars, 4032-t651 Aluminum Bars Price, 4032-t6 Aluminum Hollow Bar Suppliers In India.

Uns A94032 Flat Bar Price List

Aluminium 4032 Round Bars Price List Price in India Price in UAE
4032-T6 Aluminium Bars Price Per Kg Rs. $2,800.00-$3,000.00/ Ton $ 136.10 - 145.82
4032 T6 Rod Price Rs. $1.00-$4.00/ Kilogram $ 0.049 - 0.19
4032 Aluminium Flat Bars Price Rs. $1,707.00-$2,134.00/ Kilogram $82.97 - 103.73

Astm B247 Aluminium 4032-t6 Bright Bar Features

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Can sustain high pressure & temperature load
  • Rust proof finish
  • Ensure excellent stress distribution

4032-t6 Aluminium Forged Bars Properties

Appearance Metallic solid in various forms (plate, bar, sheet, sputtering target, powder)
Melting Point 530 °C
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2.69-2.8 g/cm3
Solubility in H2O N/A
Electrical Resistivity 0.00000499 ohm-cm
Poisson's Ratio 0.33
Specific Heat 870 J·kg/m·K
Tensile Strength 370 MPa (ultimate)
Thermal Conductivity 138-155 W/m·K
Thermal Expansion 19.4×10-6/°C
Vickers Hardness 137
Young's Modulus 82 GPa

Chemical Properties of 4032-t651 Aluminum Bars






















4032-t6 Aluminum Hollow Bar Mechanical Properties




Tensile Strength(Mpa)

Yield strength(Mpa)








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An Indian Manufacturer but Global supplier, check what and where

1 Square 4032 Aluminum Bar Bahrain, South Africa, Singapore
5.8m 6m 12m Aluminium 4032 T4 T6 Aluminum Round Bar Thailand, France, Europe, Qatar
4032 t651 Hard Aluminum Alloy Round Bar Australia, Philippines, Nigeria, UK
210x10mm Aluminum Flat Bar 4032 Hong Kong, Oman, Malaysia, UAE
4032 Aluminum Alloy Square Bars Malaysia, USA, Finland, Bangladesh
4032 T6 30mm 80mm Aluminium Round Bar Chile, Italy, Iran, Singapore
4032 T6 Aluminum Round Bar 5mm 9.5mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 20mm Norway, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey
Astm 4032 Aluminum Round Bar Indonesia, Belgium, Dammam -KSA, Philippines.
A94032 4032 t651 Aluminium Alloy Extruded Bar Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Singapore
4032 Aluminum Hex Bars UK, Mexico, Egypt, Spain
4032 T6 Aluminum Bar Poland, Canada, Ellington -United States, UK
4032 40mm Aluminium Bar Europe, UAE, United Kingdom -UK, Malaysia
Dia 2mm-400mm 4032 Aluminum Alloy Bar/rod,aluminum Hollow Bar Netherlands, Russia, Dubai, Malaysia
4032 Aluminium Bar/rod Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, South Africa, Brazil